RPH3 Upcumming Runs. All runs start at 7pm unless otherwise stated Minimize

 Run NumberDateSorted By Date In Ascending OrderHare/sAddress & DetailsMelway Ref
23877/08/2018Farkim10 Pebble Way, Safety Beach
238814/08/2018Mutha TruckerBalcombe Estuary Reserve, Mirang Ave, Mt Martha
238921/08/2018FRCHighett Football Club, Turner Rd, Highett
239028/08/2018Dodgy 2 & BloodclotTBA 
23914/09/2018So AshamedTBA 
239211/09/2018Dodgy 1TBA 
 14/09/2018Mother HashMother Hash 80th Birthday Celebrations Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia www.motherhash.com 
239318/09/2018Ask JaneTBA 
239425/09/2018Winne & TGFDTBA 
23952/10/2018Horse & AdnauseumTBA 
****6/10/2018MH3Balls Up 2018, Village Green Hotel, Tickets $75, will be availble soon www.melbourneh3.org/ballsup.html
239716/10/2018What's His NameTBA 
241215/03/2019Committee Daylesford Members Weekend - Hash Cash to PussyBoomerang Ranch 23 Tipperary Springs Rd, Daylesford
 3/05/2019FNQ HashesCroc Nash Hash 2018, Port Douglas, Qld http://www.crochash.com/